Advantages of Wood Packaging & Displays

Carbon Neutral

By nature, wood is composed of carbon that is captured from the atmosphere during tree growth. These two effects—substitution and sequestration—are why the carbon impact of wood products is favorable. Up to half the weight of dry-wood is carbon, removed, as CO2, from the atmosphere and stored for life by a growing tree. The carbon is stored indefinitely inside the wood until it is burnt or rots.


Wood products can be built for reuse. Wood is easily fixed ….. If, after several uses, the wood needs to be replaced, certain individual parts of the wood product can be replaced without replacing the whole crate, box or display. This further saves costs and reduces the amount of unnecessary materials that end up in the landfill.


A wooden box or retail display is more affordable than ones made of multi-materials in the same size. The customization, replacement or redesign of wood products is also simple, easy and less time & cost intensive than other materials.


Wooden boxes & retail displays are extremely durable. Golden State Box Factory takes special care in engineering wooden boxes that can stand up to and withstand the weight of the products inside as well as the sometimes rigorous shipping and travel requirements that it may endure to get to your customers. Custom wood containers also provide excellent weight distribution, which prevents damage to the goods stored within.


The manufacture of wood products requires less fossil fuel than non wood alternative materials such as metals, or plastics. Wood products are one of the most sustainable forms of packaging in the world. Despite the development of other materials, wooden packaging products remain one of the most economical and sustainable sources available for packaging. The wood we use for our packaging is FSC Certified – sourced from sustainably grown forests in Oregon & Idaho. GSBF builds all our products with reusability in mind and to minimize, as much as possible, the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes.

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