Mr. Speaker Case Study

Design: High Tech Equipment


Mr. Speakers is renowned for the extraordinary quality of their headphones for audiophiles. The new Voce headphone box needed to meet the expectations of very demanding customers, both in the design, the quality of the materials employed and in the ease of use.


Golden State Box Factory’s design work was first guided by the various services that this custom box had to provide: permanent headphone support with no folded cables in a sleek, functional case. Once we validated the shape and the volume through 3D renderings, we committed ourselves to design a particularly elegant product.


This bespoke luxury headphone box breaks the rules of the usual high-tech minimalist, design tropes. Combining American Walnut solid wood to steel and plexi components conveys the charm of an artisanal and thoroughly unique product. This project is a good example of Golden State Box Factory capabilities in the custom luxury packaging domain.