Eco-friendly Packaging

We take pride in incorporating environmentally friendly processes throughout the manufacturing of our Eco-friendly packaging and displays.


Despite the development of other materials, wood remains one of the most economical and sustainable sources available for the manufacturing of packaging and retail displays. 

The woods we use to manufacture these products are all FSC Certified, sourced from sustainably grown forests in Idaho & Oregon. We refuse to use overseas bamboo and wood products when pine or poplar grown right here in the US in well-managed forests is the most ecological and environmentally healthy option. The manufacture and transportation of wood products from these forest requires less fossil fuel than non wood alternative materials such as metals, or plastics.


Golden State Box Factory is proud to only use FSC Certified Wood in our products, in addition to other environmentally friendly manufacturing practices including:

  • Use of water-based varnishes.
    • Conventional solvent-based varnishes contain high levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) while water-based varnishes are widely regarded for having significantly fewer levels of these harmful byproducts.
  • Reducing wood waste from the initial product design stage.
    • By taking the time to fully-understand your product inside and out we are able to help curb wood waste and cost by identifying superfluous or unnecessary facets of your product. Doing this in the design stage eliminates the potential for unnecessary wood waste and carbon emissions from the start. 


Low Embodied Energy
Wood packaging & retail displays possess low levels of embodied energy, a measure of the man-made energy (fossil fuels) that has been used to manufacture and transport it to its place of first use. A lower embodied energy score ties to directly into reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lower energy costs.

Carbon Storage
Half the dry weight of wood is carbon, removed, as CO2, from the atmosphere and stored for life by a growing tree. The carbon is stored, or sequestered, inside the wood indefinitely – until the wood rots or is burned.

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