Standing POS Retail Beer Display – Brasserie Montblanc

A budget never means loss of quality when working with Golden State Box Factory as this eye-catching and cost-conscious standing point-of-sale retail Beer Display for BMB illustrates. Looking for something similar? Contact us below.
point of sale alcohol & beer retail display - Brasserie Montblanc

Project Description

BMB is a young brewery producing a selection of quality specialty & craft beers. In the beginning stages of enlarging their distribution network, they were in the need of their own custom point of sale display to effectively promote their brand and products.

Working with our customers’ design agency, we convinced them to abandon the initial – over budget –  solid wood and lacquered steel structure to adopt a silkscreen printed, melamine faced chipboard with plastic decorative components. Pricewise the impact was strong, going this route was extremely affordable for this young brand with no loss of perceived quality.

This case illustrates our ability to work with our clients, finding them the most appropriate technical solutions while keeping in mind their financial constraints and sales objectives.

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