Wooden Point of Purchase Retail Displays – Biltwell Helmets

Saving time while exceeding expectations were keys in the development of this wooden point of purchase retail display for motorcycle helmet company - Biltwell. Contact us to find out how we can help promote your product or brand with our custom & effective in-store point of purchase displays.
  • custom branded retail display for helmets - weathered with metal accents and furnishings - black helmet and white helmet wall mounted wooden retail display
  • Wooden Retail Display Crate - Biltwell - Golden State Box Factory
  • Wooden Retail Display Crate with metal accents and hardware - custom branded and weathered pos display
  • crate style wooden retail display - wooden in-store pos display

Project Description

Biltwell, a motorcycle gear manufacturer was looking for a supplier to produce a helmet wall display they had designed.

When looking at the technical drawings submitted by Biltwell, we considered that this product could slightly be re-designed, with a focus on the ease of assembly for the stores’ end-users. The initial drawings of 21 parts were finally combined into an easy-to-use and pre-assembled 4 component kit, making Biltwell’s customers satisfied.

This case illustrates Golden State’s attitude and commitment towards deeply reviewing our customer’s problem to come up with super effective and time-saving solutions.

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