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It can be difficult to find the best wood for your boxes and displays needs. We created this webpage to help you make the right decision. Our raw materials are 100% USA- sourced and FSC certified. If you do not find what you need below, let us know and we will get it!


Pine Wood

The classic for wooden wine boxes, pine is a cost-effective and simple option for various wine packaging needs. Displaying light creamy color with brown knots, this lightweight wood is a cost-effective option that gives a natural, rustic look to wooden wine boxes.
pine wood wine boxes

Walnut Wood

Walnut is a straight-grained hardwood that is very stable and strong. From deep brown color (at the center of the tree) to more pale yellow (at its outer part), its wide range of color tones is one of a kind. Even though walnut is more costly than some other woods, it successfully provides the high-end appearance to compliment any premium quality product.
Walnut wood Wine Boxes

Oak Wood

Referring to the oak barrels used in the wine industry, oak wood boxes are a bespoke option. If you are looking for a wood that stands the test of time, oak should be on your choice list. Oak wood is very durable and usually more resistant to warping than other woods. This hardwood also has a very distinctive look, with visible wavy grain, which can be nicely highlighted with a clear finish. The wide range of color tones offered by oak woods ranges from light brown to pale light red, and comes in various grains and rays patterns.
Custom Oak Wooden Box


Sourced in California, redwood has it all: beauty, functionality, and resistance. Redwood is a beautiful wood that displays a deep brownish red color with light silver tones. It is also a lightweight, moderately hard softwood that resists well to natural decaying, staining, and degradation. And, just like all the woods that we work with, our redwood is FSC certified, ensuring that our “products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits”. (Source:
redwood california woods

Cedar Wood

Cedar is a very popular and moderately-priced wood that offers both beauty and durability. A lightweight softwood, its beautiful colors range from pale yellow-brown to dark pinkish-red. Cedar also comes with a unique and pleasant aroma, also well-known for its moth-repelling properties!
cedar wood

Maple Wood

Maple is one of the hardest woods and is both very resistant and ultra-durable. With its beautiful appearance of creamy white color tones and light reddish tinges, maple a great solution for small premium packaging needs, as well as for heavier products. Maple is moderately priced.
Maple wood boxes

Cherry Wood

A great solution for premium quality products, cherry wood is a very valuable and rather expensive wood. Its beautiful straight grain can easily be polished to highlight the its natural appearance. Often used as a veneer over less-costly woods, this highly-resistant hardwood comes in a wide array of colors, ranging from dark reddish-brown to yellower tones.
cherry wood boxes



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