Our Team

As good craftsmen, we always seek to produce functional and elegant products. Our success involves the adoption of three shared values:
Who We Are - The Team - Golden State Box Factory


We do not like to do “one-shot deals” but prefer long relationships, even starting modestly – taking some risks. Our team is dependable with many of them having been with us for many years. We take pride in our team’s happiness and their ability to design and create beautiful products for our customers.


We aim to be people who are pleasant and easy to work with- people of speech. Utilizing clear lines of communication with our customers we make sure our processes are simple and clear throughout the design and manufacturing of your product.


Our clients depend on us to look at their problems in a thoughtful caring way. We make sure to serve every one of them in a creative and friendly way. We are never satisfied with the “it’s fine” approach when our customer expects us to deliver them tailor-made & well-thought-out solutions.

Meet the Team

We take pride in providing excellent service and strive to exceed expectations every time. We are grateful for the trust you continue to place in us.
Frederic - Our Team - Golden State Box Factory


General Manager
As a dynamic and experienced business leader, Frederic inspires the entire Golden State team with his enthusiasm and work ethic to deliver our customers a unique product and service. With twelve years of experience working with some of the most prestigious brands in the world of Wine & Spirits plus his 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, makes Frederic uniquely situated to deliver uncanny knowledge and experience to each and every one of our projects.

In his spare time? Frederic enjoys playing guitar in his garage Rock n Roll band while sipping on some Santa Barbara or Oregon Pinot Noir.
Ricoardo - Our Team - Golden State Box Factory


Production Manager
Ricardo is in charge of all Operations at Golden State Box Factory. Acquiring 20+ years of experience between his time at Smiths Medical & Rogers Foam Corp. means that Ricardo knows what he's doing when it comes to packaging and manufacturing. Besides his love of woodworking, his knowledge of other materials (metal work, injection molding, etc...) is key to the design and manufacture of our complex packaging or retail displays. Contrary to many other engineers, Ricardo is readily available and loves to communicate with our customers to ensure complete satisfaction from start to finish.

While his wife enjoys going to the mall on Saturday afternoons, Ricardo is likely to be found at some of his favorite museums in San Diego accompanied by his two children.
Laura - Our Team - Golden State Box Factory


Sales Manager
With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, Laura has a keen eye for creating custom solutions for our various customers. Her years of experience both as an Interior Designer and later through her sales of architectural products (lighting, furnishings, etc...) has enabled her to understand the special quality inherent to every brand and provide creative, unique solutions that our customers love!

On weekends, Laura enjoys riding her bike along sunny Pacific Beach as well as organizing paint and wine events.