Our Team

As good craftsmen, we always seek to produce functional and elegant products. Our success involves the adoption of three shared values:


We do not like to do “one-shot deals” but prefer long relationships, even starting modestly – taking some risks. Our team is dependable with many of them having been with us for many years. We take pride in our team’s happiness and their ability to design and create beautiful products for our customers.


We aim to be people who are pleasant and easy to work with- people of speech. Utilizing clear lines of communication with our customers we make sure our processes are simple and clear throughout the design and manufacturing of your product.


Our clients depend on us to look at their problems in a thoughtful caring way. We make sure to serve every one of them in a creative and friendly way. We are never satisfied with the “it’s fine” approach when our customer expects us to deliver them tailor-made & well-thought-out solutions.

Who We Are

As a leading manufacturer of wooden wine boxes, retail displays and wooden crates in California, Golden State Box Factory specializes in producing custom, high-quality wooden products that serve the needs of our customers while maintaining their budget and vision. Our solutions come in a wide variety of styles and materials, and when you couple that with our incredibly quick turnaround time and eco-friendly approach to manufacturing it is no wonder that we have been excelling at what we do for over 100 years.

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