Golden State Box Factory
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At Golden State Box Factory, we’ve specialized in branding custom wooden boxes and retail displays since 1909. Using our wide range of wood branding techniques listed below, we can help you imprint your graphics onto custom wooden products. If you have any questions regarding these printing services, call us at (619) 429-9596 and one of our team members will assist you.

Hot branding

Often used to inscribe a winery or company name on the boxes, detailed hot branding produces that burnt “rustic” impression on the wood. For the best results, our branding specialists use electric irons which allow greater control over the temperature and the overall hot branding process.
Detailed Hot Branding on Wooden Box

Laser Engraving

Should you need highly detailed engravings, laser is the solution. It is a great option for printing meticulous graphics and designs. Furthermore, laser engraving is compatible with all types of wood, but this process will give you different results depending on your choice of wood.
Laser engraving

Silk screen printing

Yes, silk screen printing also works well on wood! An economical solution, it is also a great choice if you are looking to imprint a colorful and detailed design onto your wooden boxes or displays. Our factory is optimally equipped for silk screening all of your designs, in any color and on any woods!
silk screen printing on wood

Hot foil stamping

Hot foil stamping is another great way to brand custom boxes or retail displays with your logo and text. This eco-friendly process uses a heated die and foil to emboss graphics onto the wood, producing high-quality imprints with a fine attention to graphic details.
hot foil stamping

Do you need help choosing the right wood branding for your project?
Call us at (619) 429-9596 and one of our team members will assist you in your decision.