FCS Certified Wood

It can be difficult to find the best wood for your box and displays needs. We created this page to help you make the right decision. Our raw materials are 100% USA- sourced and FSC certified. If you do not find what you need below, let us know and we will get it!
redwood wine boxes retail displays and crates


Golden State Box Factory was the original company to manufacture Redwood boxes. We are happy to maintain the tradition.
walnut wooden wine boxes retail displays and crates


Great for printing meticulous graphics and design work, Laser Engraving is compatible with all types of wood and will give slightly different and unique results depending on the type of wood the engraving is performed on.
birch plywood wooden wine boxes retail displays and crates


Originally used in Europe for cabinet making, Plywood is a great option for modern and clean design boxes. The appearance of the birch veneer face and back are attractive but the edges look very good once shaped, sanded and finished. The quality of joinery we get with Baltic Birch (dovetail assembly) is remarkable.
pinewood wine boxes displays crates


Pine is an easy to work with softwood and most wine wooden boxes are made of pine. We can stain it if you want it to be darker or colored. Sealing the wood and applying a clear finish is another option on luxury boxes.
white oak wine boxes retail displays


One of the most appreciated species for fine woodworking products, American White Oak is mostly used for bespoke luxury boxes.
cedar wooden wine boxes retail displays and crates


Our Western Red Cedar is a relatively soft wood, has a straight grain, a reddish color to it and a slightly aromatic smell. It handles moist environments well and is useful for food & organic products.