Custom Displays for Winemakers – Barrel Retail Display

A classic design for winemakers to display their bottle - customizing these displays makes it unique to your brand or product. Contact us by filling in the form below to start customizing your very own barrel retail display with Golden State.
Project Description
In the wines & spirits industry, a barrel shape display is a “Classic” among Point of Sales displays, utilized by mand brands and appreciated by their customers. Managing an acceptable shape while being functional at a reasonable price were the main constraints.
At Golden State, we integrated these constraints to optimize our materials and production processes in creating these barrel-shape displays. We also worked out the best combination of painting, varnishing, silkscreening & digital printing, to showcase and highlight any companies brand when using these types of displays.
At Golden State Box, our barrel-shape displays are sturdy, well decorated and available at very affordable prices.
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