Cannabis Packaging Solutions – Spectrum Hemp Wooden Cannabis “Stash Box”

With an attention to detail that raises the quality of any product we create, a simple “stash box” for Cannabis company Spectrum Hemp becomes a keepsake that lasts long after the product within it goes up in smoke. Looking for a cannabis packaging manufacturer? Contact us by filling out the form below.
premium marijuana gift box dark wood and sliding lid - Spectrum Hemp - Cannabis Wooden Gift Box
Project Description
Spectrum Hemp wanted a rustic looking wooden stash box for a set of their products. Intended to be used as a free gift that comes with a set of their products, the issue of price was important.
Our solution was to design a simple sliding lid pinewood box. However, great attention to detail was put into the quality of the brown varnish applied to the box as well as the fire branding for Spectrum’s logo, giving this simple yet elegant box a reason to be kept and used for years to come.
Cannabis packaging solutions need to take into account strict legal regulations involving the transportation and sales of cannabis products, yet also be functionally and aesthetically appealing. At Golden State Box Factory, we are happy to work on any project, including the design and manufacturing of wooden stash boxes or cannabis boxes.
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