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Customizing even the simplest pinewood wine box can elevate a brand or vintage of wine. Contact us by filling in the form below to learn how we can help create a custom wooden wine box or packaging solution for your brand today!
Newton / Chandon - Sliding Lid 6994/6995
Project Description
Napa Valley’s Newton Vineyard is a prestigious estate featuring excellent wines. They look at their wooden boxes with the same level of quality and rigor.
This Golden State box is very precisely answering each of Newton’s expectations. The double wooden guillotine system has been positioned to make sure that the bottle’s label cannot be damaged. The cord handle is wide enough to carry the box without strain. The fire branded lid is made of a selected knot-free piece of solid wood. Considering that wood is wood.. the presence of small knots on the sides is welcome, helping to keep the box price under control.
At Golden State, the more we can customize, even a simple box, to make sure it will fit your needs, the better.. Customization to us, is not just branding a logo on a lid.
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