Custom Branded Packaging for Food Vendors – Nature Nate’s Wooden Crates

Creating the best branded packaging and display solutions for our clients is more than just slapping your logo onto a pre-fabricated product. We tailor every step of our design process to enhance your product and brand.
Honey Wooden Crate - Nature Nates - Golden State Box Factory
Project Description
Everyone will admit that wood packaging adds value to many food products: Olive oil, cheese, meat, baked goods, dried fruits, the list goes on and on. But how do you make sure your crate will fit your needs?
We consider that shipping ability and artwork are two key issues when developing a custom crate. Our deep knowledge of wood products allows us to advise you on the most attractive visuals for your products while keeping in mind maximum protection, should they need to be shipped to consumers.

We won’t just print your logo on a crate! We take our roles very seriously for each product meaning we won’t just print your logo on a crate but will assist you in using all sides of the crate to come up with a visually impacting product to showcase your brand or goods.
At Golden State Box Factory, we support our clients in developing the best packaging solution for their product or brand. From dimensions and appropriate materials, color, branding, accessories; every crate is entirely customized.
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