Eye-Catching Wooden Retail Displays for Wine – Pomelo

Creating an eye-catching wooden retail display that surpasses a clients original design and comes in under budget is the hallmark of a great manufacturer and one you can expect from Golden State Box Factory! Contact us today to get started on your custom wooden retail display.
  • Wooden Wine Retail Displays - Wooden Retail Displays - Golden State Box Factory
  • multi-material wooden retail display for wineries
  • Wooden Wine Retail Displays - Wooden Retail Displays - Golden State Box Factory

Project Description

We love manufacturing appealing point of sales displays designed by professional designers. We recognize how integral creating a flawless execution of these designs is to the final product and our customer’s happiness.

To maintain our competitive edge, we constantly work on improving our processes such as re-using in different projects some standard components or materials, allowing us to keep our prices reasonable. We also pay great attention to the Quality Control operation during final packing.

We place great importance in the creation and design of products that require confidentiality. We are equally proud of our large scope of manufacturing skills and welcome any designer looking for technical assistance or production on a wooden or mixed materials point of sale displays.

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