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hot branded wooden pie box for Rattlesnake Ranch Pie - Pecan Pie Wooden Box
Project Description
Located in Texas, Rattlesnake Ranch produces and ships this delicious Southern delicacy to happy customers all over the US and world. Their Pecan Pie will arrive at your doorstep in a beautiful wooden box that also keeps the pie safe during shipping.
A pie box needs to be attractive, functional and cost-effective. A pinewood box with a birch lid was created, we then enhanced the lid with some custom graphics to accentuate the visual impact of the box and included a cardboard insert to protect the pie during shipping. Little touches like these are why our customers are always pleased with our products.
Affordable, eye-catching and safe for shipping, hitting this trifecta with our custom branded wooden pie box was a home run and our clients were ecstatic with the final product.
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